Why Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are the best choice for almost every trip to Las Vegas! Whether you are visiting Las Vegas with friends, family or co-workers, there’s no comparison to one of our Las Vegas vacation home rentals. Any reason is a great reason for a trip to Vegas, holidays, conventions, weddings, or a golf getaway makes a perfect reason to pack up and head out to Sin City! With homes ranging from 2 bedrooms to 7 bedrooms, we have a home to fit your needs.

Our vacation homes are more practical, affordable, and definitely more welcoming than a hotel stay. Each of our homes are unique and thoughtfully furnished and decorated. Enjoy all of the luxuries of a hotel, with the added convenience of your own private villa

The options are practically endless when it comes to choosing the right home for your stay. We offer an extensive selection of homes for even the most discriminating of guests. Whether you are looking for a palace for you and 16 of your closest friends, or a cozy place for an intimate retreat, we have just the place for you. Our homes are conveniently located throughout the valley, with easy access to almost anywhere you need to be.

Each home is professionally cleaned before your arrival, and upon your departure to exceed even hotel standards. Each home is also fully stocked with clean sheets, towels, and linens. All of our homes have full kitchens and are supplied with pots, pans, dishes, utensils, cookware, coffee pots, toasters, microwaves and more. Why waste most of your Las Vegas vacation budget on eating out for every single meal? When you stay in one of our fabulous vacation home rentals, you can save eating out for a special place and a special meal, not just every meal- and you can even take your leftovers back to your refrigerator!

Traveling with children? Las Vegas has been pulling out all the stops to make Sin City a family-friendly venue, unfortunately hotels still remain a smoky, loud, and hectic place to call home on your vacation. Our vacation homes are the ideal choice for any family vacation to Las Vegas. Your kids will love the excitement of staying somewhere new, and you will have the piece of mind in knowing that you are all still under one roof.

Every tourist should make a trip down to see the one and only Las Vegas Strip, but the Strip can get pretty pricey and pretty overwhelming if you are there day after day. Our vacation homes offer plenty of amusements of their own. Each home features a unique “attraction” whether it be a pool table, foos-ball table, ping pong, pool, spa, theater rooms or more.

Don’t miss out on the best-kept secret for a truly fabulous Las Vegas Vacation…A Vegas Getaways Vacation Home Rental!